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    Oral Pathology

  • 48 hr service for routine biopsies
  • Full oral histology service with updated literature
  • Cytopathology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Reporting options available
  • Consultations
  • Use of special stains (special cases)
  • Guidance for the research work to post graduate students
  • Telepathology

    Oral Radiology

  • Extra-oral and intra-oral radiographic evaluation
  • CBCT images reporting
  • CT of maxillofacial region reporting
  • Cephalometric analysis
  • ENT region reporting
  • TMJ analysis
  • Sinus analysis
  • Implant placement reporting
  • Sleep apnea CBCT evaluation

Tobacco Cessation Program

Today there are millions of tobacco users in Gujarat with around a million in Ahmedabad. Tobacco, whether in smoking or chewing form, is very harmful for the user as well as for others related to them. It leads to lethal conditions such as Oral cancer. It is noted that around 60% of tobacco users try and quit the habit every year but are unsuccessful because they do not have the guidance of a doctor or specialist who's trained for the same.
An novel intiative under Oro-Scan diagnostic center, The Tobacco Cessation programe (1st of its kind) by Dr. Chitrang Shah and team of Oro-scan help the tobacco users quit their habit and create a healthy body, healthy family and moreover a healthy society. Here, Nicotine Replacement Therapy along with other techniques will help a tobacco user in successfully quitting their habit.
Dr. Chitrang Shah is a trained tobacco control specialist from John Hopkins, Bloomberg and Tata Memorial, Mumbai and is keen educator with two year services to the public health department, Ahmedabad Dental College. He has a great insight for creating a tobacco free city. Dr. Suresh Ludhwani, associates also trained from John Hopkins, Bloomberg.